January Tube Strikes

As at the time of writing, we are expecting a strike by Tube station workers - starting Sunday evening at 6pm and continuing through the whole of Monday.

Transport for London (TfL) advise that many stations will be entirely closed. Buses, DLR and Overground will run as normal, but are likely to be even more crowded than usual.

See below for some useful info/resources -

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Crossrail 2 - new options, and a delay

Crossrail 2 is a plan for a new railway connecting Southwest and Northeast London, via Wimbledon. It will involve years of building work through large parts of the borough.  

Following residents’ opposition, Transport for London has said it’s considering three other options to reduce disruption in the area (see below). Their revised plans were originally going to be published later this year, but it's been announced today, 1 November, that this will be put back until mid-2017, to allow TfL to provide an updated business case.

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Hammond questioned on EU citizens and attacks on foreign workers

Lib Dems question Hammond on EU citizens and attacks on foreign workers

The Lib Dems have this week written to Wimbledon's MP, Stephen Hammond, to clarify his position on a range of policy statements made by his colleagues at the recent Conservative Party conference.

Mr Hammond has so far remained largely silent while other senior MPs have criticised the likes of Trade Secretary Liam Fox for his crass comments about EU citizens being the ‘main card’ in Brexit negotiations.

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Ready for snap General Election

Claire_Mathys___Carl_Quilliam.jpgIN THE week that leading Leave campaigners, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, confirmed they were dropping their pledge for £350 million a week for the NHS following the vote to leave the EU, local Lib Dems have selected their parliamentary candidates in case of a snap election.

Merton Lib Dems have confirmed Carl Quilliam as their prospective parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon and Claire Mathys as their candidate for Mitcham and Morden.

On being selected Carl Quilliam said:

 “This week we have seen one of the key planks of the Leave campaign - £350 million for the NHS – simply fall apart. It’s becoming clearer by the day that we voted to leave the EU but we didn’t vote for a destination. Yet the Conservative government refuses to give MPs a say on what Brexit means and despite 72% of Wimbledon residents voting to Remain in the EU our local MP is leaving us voiceless.Carl-Wimbledon2016.jpg

“Whether or not there is an election in the next 12 months, I will stand up for the voters of Wimbledon and campaign to retain the closest possible relationship with the EU and protect the rights of EU citizens. Above all the government must prioritise access to the EU single market that is vital for jobs and prosperity here in Wimbledon and across the UK.”

On being selected Claire Mathys said:

“I’m delighted to be selected to fight for the Lib Dems in the case of a snap election. It’s increasingly clear that both the government and the Labour party remain bitterly divided over Europe following the referendum.

“Almost 3 months after the vote to leave the EU we are still no clearer when we will leave or what the government think that will look like. Mitcham and Morden voted decisively to stay in the EU and as the candidate for the only united and unashamedly pro-european party I will do everything I can to hold our MP and the Government to account.

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Calling on Merton's MPs to reassure EU nationals

Carl_at_rally_on_3_Sep.jpgLocal Liberal Democrats are calling on Merton's elected representatives to reassure EU nationals living in Britain.

A 660-strong petition will be presented to both local MPs and Merton Council on 14 September, calling on them to fight to ensure the Government protects the existing rights of EU nationals who have made their homes in Britain in Brexit negotiations.

This is part of a larger petition being carried out nationwide by the Liberal Democrats.

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EU Citizens must have the right to stay in the UK

LIBERAL Democrat leader Tim Farron has demanded that EU nationals residing in the UK are given complete assurances that they will have the right to stay in the UK indefinitely.

The Conservatives refused to commit to protect the future status of people from EU countries already living in Britain.

SIGN THE PETITION: www.mertonlibdems.org.uk/reassure_eu_citizens

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Our vision for the UK's future

The future is full of opportunity as technology changes the way we work and live.

But there are also huge challenges. Creating an education system that enables the next generation to reach their full potential. Adapting our changing economy. Tackling climate change. Making migration work for everyone.

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EU Referendum - the Lib Dem position

BRITAIN has not left the EU - yet.

The Government has not yet given the EU notice of our intention to quit. Once it does, it starts a 2 year countdown of negotiations before we leave.

The Liberal Democrats have committed to standing in the next election - whenever that is - on the platform of securing Britain’s place in the EU.

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Chilcot - Lib Dem response

Today is a day for reflection, as we consider the consequences of the fateful decision to go to war in Iraq.

Our first thoughts need to be with the families across the world who have grieved loved ones, experienced life-changing injuries, and witnessed destruction and despair often beyond description. There is no justice that can compensate their loss, and today we have learned from the Chilcot Report what we all knew already in our hearts – it did not have to be this way.

Lib Dems were united in our opposition to war For many members of the Liberal Democrats, the Iraq war was a genuine turning point. Many others chose to join the Liberal Democrats when they saw Charles Kennedy step up to the challenge, in difficult times, and provide the strong, principled leadership our country so desperately needed.

In 2003, every Liberal Democrat MP voted AGAINST going to war in Iraq.

It was the right thing to do, and that has been proven again today. Sir John Chilcot’s report has shown that this was a war of choice, that options for a peaceful resolution still existed, and that our then Prime Minister mislead parliament and the British people to march us into a war he had already decided to launch.

We were proud to see our leader Charles Kennedy refuse to compromise on the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to internationalism and respect for international law - despite enormous pressure and abuse pouring in from all sides.

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Baroness Sal BrintonA message from Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat party president

Yesterday it felt as if the politics of division and isolation trumped openness and cooperation. The very essence of our country is under threat.

While we recognise that the British people have spoken, as Lib Dems we do not recognise the values held by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as being the values that truly define Britain.

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