Merton needs Councillors who will listen and be honest and transparent about the choices to be made


  • Worked with the Council and achieved a significant number of improvements over the last 4 years - both big and small, as evidenced in this manifesto.
  • Promoted the growing use of public questions in Council meetings - an innovation we persuaded the administration to adopt in the previous Council term.
  • Pushed for a review of the Community Forums to examine how they can be made more relevant.
  • Sought to convince the Council to return to publishing planning representations on their website.
  • Persuaded Council to live-stream, and archive, all public meetings on YouTube.
  • Unsuccessfully tried to stop Labour and the Conservatives changing the Council's constitution so they could block the Lib Dems from chairing scrutiny meetings!


  • In Merton all major decisions made by the cabinet of lead councillors are scrutinised by a number of committees - the Lib Dems will stop the current practice whereby the governing party pick the Chairs of those committees.
  • The Lib Dems will introduce reforms to allow residents' Community forums to operate more like peoples’ assemblies, directly contributing to local democracy.
  • We’ll use consultation exercises to engage, educate and inform - winning hearts & minds before instituting changes such as Schools Streets and other traffic & parking measures.
  • We’ll review the workings of the Council cabinet system & consult on returning to a committee structure.
  • We pledge to take bold decisions, admit where we get it wrong and learn from our mistakes.