Local Councillor action on dangerous water leak

Martin Way water leak

For over 2 months water has been leaking on the road and pavement outside South Merton train station.

Cannon Hill Councillor Jenifer Gould has persistently contacted Thames Water, Network Rail and Merton Council to get the leak fixed and return the pavement and road to a safer condition.

The duration of the leak has caused damage to the road surface and persistent and slippery algae on the pavement, both a serious danger to road users and pedestrians.

First reported on 8th June to Thames Water during the draught Cllr Gould raised concerns about the waste of clean water on the environment. Thames Water said they were waiting for permission from Network rail as the leak is on the bridge over the railway. Network Rail at this point said no!

After Cllr Gould instigated an inspection of the area by Merton Council's engineers, they reported  “the dip in the carriageway had deteriorated”.

Cllr Gould requested the algae be cleaned from the pavement as it was a slip hazard but was told by the Council “this may take Thames Water some weeks” which was very frustrating.

After a long and torturous back and forth between Cllr Gould, Thames Water, Network Rail and Merton Council residents and road users will soon, we hope, see this issue fixed.

As we write Network Rail and Thames Water continue to negotiate on when the work will take place. In the meantime temporary traffic lights have been installed in preparation for the works and to maintain road user and pedestrian safety.

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