Air Quality

Clean air is a basic human right


  • In 2019 we convinced Council bosses to agree that anti-idling should be enforced, specifically near schools – to date the Council has not issued a single penalty notice for idling.
  • Worked with residents and haulage companies to challenge speeding, noisy and polluting HGVs in residential areas.
  • Petitioned for more Electric Vehicle charging points, and a charging point strategy for the whole borough.
  • Pressed Council to investigate how other councils help homeowners without drives charge electric vehicles via their domestic supply.
  • Attempted to ring-fence additional monies raised by Labour parking charges to improve air quality, which is the supposed purpose of the charges.
  • Tried to introduce a low mileage rebate on parking permits to encourage less car use – rejected by Labour.


  • Install more Air Quality monitors and give people real time access to their readings – and then actually use that data to inform other action.
  • Work with Transport for London to introduce more low-emission buses, and limits to heavy ‘through traffic’.
  • Focus on supporting people move to more environmentally friendly vehicles - if the Mayor of London extends the ULEZ to Merton, we will campaign for it to be done fairly with help for businesses & those who cannot afford to switch, including generous scrappage schemes & lead-in times – environmental measures should aim to influence new choices and not punish past decisions!
  • Introduce a low mileage rebate on parking permits as parked cars don’t pollute.