Pay all Wimbledon Tennis workers living wage

Local Lib Dems have revealed shock new figures showing that around 4000 workers at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships won't receive the London Living Wage.

Cllr Carl Quilliam, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem group on Merton Council where the tournament is held, has slammed the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) for not ensuring that contractors receive this wage, despite the Club stating they support the London Living Wage.

The London Living Wage is calculated to ensure workers can cover the cost of living in London and are not forced into poverty.

New figures uncovered by the local Lib Dem’s show that only 1000 workers for the tournament receive a full London living wage, while 4000 contracted-out workers are left to struggle on the legal minimum.

Speaking as the tournament commenced, Cllr Quilliam said:

“With £39 million in profit last year alone AELTC should be able to afford an extra £2.37 an hour to ensure their temporary workers earn enough to live on.

“As a leading national and international tournament the Wimbledon brand is one that is known around the world - not just representing the best in tennis but representing the residents of Wimbledon, Merton and the UK as a whole.

“They should be taking a lead and showing what can be done by ensuring their contractors pay a full London living wage - not leaving 4000 of their workers to struggle on the bare minimum they are legally entitled to.”



  1. Figures provided by the AELTC show that 1000 people employed directly by them receive at least the London Living Wage whereas 4000 contracted out posts only receive the legal minimum 'National Living Wage'

  2. The London Living Wage as calculated by the living wage foundation is currently £10.20 an hour. The current ‘National Living wage’ - the minimum that can legally be paid - is £7.83.

  3. Cllr Carl Quilliam is Deputy Leader of the Merton Borough Liberal Democrat Council group, and the Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Wimbledon.

  4. For further information, contact Carl on [email protected]

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