Raynes Park

Your Raynes Park team - Chessie Flack, Matthew Willis, Victoria Wilson

Chessie Flack

Chessie is a young renter in Raynes Park - so she understands the issues renters face here. She will work hard to improve accessibility across Raynes Park and will fight for all residents to have an equal opportunity to succeed. Chessie wants to champion better provisions for our young people across Raynes Park, Wimbledon and across Merton.

Matthew Willis

Matthew, originally from Australia, becomes a British citizen this year and wants to give back to the community that supported him through lockdown. He worked with Network Rail to project manage the new mural in the skew arch and can't wait to see what else is possible in Raynes Park.

Victoria Wilson

Victoria Wilson has lived in Raynes Park since 2009. Her voluntary work supporting vulnerable people has motivated her to help others have a stronger voice in shaping their community. As a commuter and parent to young children, she also wants to secure a more accessible train service.

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