Co-op Wimbledon Chase

A successful petition to restore the newly discovered mosaic signage at the Wimbledon Chase Co-op was run by the local Liberal Democrats in Merton.

Recent renovation work at the branch of the Co-op at Wimbledon Chase has revealed the original decorative mosaic shop signage, which we think is wonderful. Co-op initially planned to cover it up with modern signage – a lost opportunity to enhance the local parade of shops.

After hundreds of residents signed the petition, and several contacted the Co-op on social media and by email, Cllr Anthony Fairclough received a letter from the Co-op’s head of construction saying they’re pleased to confirm it is their intention to have the sign restored to its former glory. Some photos of it can be seen here.

Many thanks for those who supported our campaign.

Local news coverage and photos can be seen at the following links:, Wimbledon Times and

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