Cannon Hill Lane Zebra Crossing

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There are many children, families and residents who would benefit from a safe place to cross the road to and from Joseph Hood Recreation Ground on Cannon Hill Lane. Too many accidents have occurred along this stretch of road. We need a zebra crossing to make the community of Cannon Hill feel safe when crossing the road here.

Merton Council take the following into consideration when determining the need for a pedestrian Crossing:-

  • Traffic speed and volumes and difficulties faced by pedestrians crossing the road.
  • The number and nature of personal injury accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians
  • The volume of traffic throughout a given day compared to the frequency a crossing is used within a specific area.
  • Site conditions/nature of the road and constraints.
  • Funding and available resources.

Zebra crossings accommodate flashing amber beacons and zigzag markings on approach and exit. Parking is not permitted within this area. The Highway Code states that motorists MUST give way when someone has moved onto the crossing. Zebra crossings are cheaper to build than traffic signal crossings. 

We the undersigned request the installation of a zebra crossing on Cannon Hill Lane to and from Joseph Hood Recreation Ground. There are many children, families and residents who would benefit from a safe place to cross.

The exact position of the crossing to be determined by the Traffic and Highways officers at Merton Council. Funding for the crossing could be paid for out of parking charge increases imposed on residents.

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