A real say on Wimbledon’s skyline

Labour and Conservative councillors failed to back a vote that would have given people more control over building heights in Wimbledon planning applications. 

On Wednesday 18 November, Merton Liberal Democrats demanded residents' strong opposition to huge increases in building heights in be respected - but other councillors failed to support this.

Lib Dem councillors lodged an amendment to the new planning rules for Wimbledon to remove a loophole weakening planning controls, and to instead put in place a restriction on heights of no more than 10 storeys.

The current tallest building in Wimbledon is 9 storeys, but the Labour plan allows buildings of up to 12 storeys. However, it also includes vague wording on 'indicative building heights' that would allow developers to go even beyond this. 

Lib Dem Council group leader Cllr Anthony Fairclough said:

“We urged Labour Council bosses to make a simple change to the plan for Wimbledon town centre to reflect residents' real opposition inappropriately tall buildings. 

“It was also disappointing to see Tory councillors choose party politics over people's concerns by not supporting our amendment. In doing so, they just backed the status quo, which doesn't place any real planning restrictions on building heights at all.”

Merton Liberal Democrats have now started a petition calling on the Council to ensure residents still have a say on Wimbledon’s skyline. 

For more details, see also the Future Wimbledon Supplementary Planning Document, the amendment put forward by Merton Liberal Democrats, and Cllr Simon McGrath's speech

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