Wheelie bins - FAQs

The new scheme of wheelie bins and fortnightly collections begins on 1 October.

There is some flexibility in the system if wheelies don't work for you.

So: please call the Council on 020 8274 4902 if

  1. You will struggle to store the bins in your front garden (or if you don’t have one!) - the Council will reassess your property [although still trying to get them to confirm the size of garden they think is needed].

  2. Moving the bins each week would be difficult for you. You can apply for an assisted collection. You can also do this online here.

  3. You are in a household of five or more, or have a medical condition, to request a larger bin.

  4. You want to share some bins with a neighbour.

Lastly, it's really annoying/not possible for lots of people to wait in a phone queue - your councillors can contact the relevant Council department for you (without needing to call). Find your councillor here.

If you haven't any wheelie bins, but they've been delivered to your neighbours, you can report a missing, lost or stolen bin online. Please use your current method of collection until your new wheelie bins arrive.

AND - your old bins can be collected by the Council for recycling using the bulky waste collection service, *apparently*.

Find your NEW COLLECTION DAY here.

The leader of the Council said on 18 September, that they are considering a borough-wide collection of old bins for recycling, we should know in a few months.


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