Wheelie bins & fortnightly collections - latest

We had a massive response to our survey about the Council's plans for multiple wheelie bins and fortnightly rubbish collections.

Over summer, Lib Dem councillor Mary-Jane Jeanes and the team worked to take up residents' concerns with the councillor in charge of the plans.  

We want a waste collection scheme that works for people, is good value for money and that increases recycling.

You can see our questions and the answers we were given here: http://bit.ly/wheeliebinQus

  • Looks like they plan on giving you two wheelie bins, a recycling box and a food waste caddy, whether you have room to store them or not. They said: “standardisation will be required to a large extent”.
  • They don’t really know why this new scheme would increase recycling. They said: “we expect to see” an increase of 4% (but they don’t say why or how).
  • They plan on only collecting nappies and other sanitary waste fortnightly. They said: “there should be no health risk from a fortnightly service”.

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