Lib Dems announce Simon Jones as candidate for St Helier by-election

Merton Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce Simon Jones as our candidate in the up-coming St Helier by-election.

Simon Jones says -

"I want to be a councillor to actively stand up for the people of St Helier. When the first lock down began my wife and I, like so many people across the country, let neighbours know that they could contact us if they needed help with shopping, picking up prescriptions or just being there to listen.

Residents here in St Helier tell me they didn’t hear from their councillors. Did you?

While I feel councillors should first and foremost be locally active, Labour seems to take places like St Helier for granted these days.

St Helier needs a champion to make the Labour council bosses listen.

I live locally, my daughter has appointments for care at St Helier hospital, she will go to primary school in our borough when she’s old enough. I have a stake in this part of London getting better rather than worse.

Already I am hearing from residents in St Helier about how they feel the area has been let down by Labour. I hope to learn more about your concerns during the by-election campaign but my immediate priorities are fighting for better social care for our neighbours who need it, restoring local health services after the downgrading of St Helier hospital and affordable housing; the Labour council set up a housebuilding company that recently collapsed, it spent over £2million without building a single thing!

With your support on 6th May I want to join the group of local Lib Dem councillors championing St Helier and fighting for a fresh start in Merton borough."


PS - If you'd like to let me know your views on topics affecting St Helier you can complete my online survey via the button below.


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