Evening Standard covers police station closure court case

Did you see the Evening Standard's take on Paul Kohler’s court case to stop the Mayor closing over half of London’s police stations?

The legal action has ensured that no police stations will be sold before the case is resolved.

Paul has done a great job, with the help of many people from across London who are 'crowdfunding' the legal fees. If you are able to contribute to the ongoing costs of the case you can do so here.

We local Lib Dems are proud to have backed the case -  Paul is also one of the Lib Dem-backed candidates for Trinity ward at the elections in a few weeks.

We know that any plan to maintain a police station in Wimbledon will require our legal challenge to succeed as otherwise the Mayor's decision to close the station will stand. This is why we offered to work with Labour and the Conservatives when we began this battle back in late 2017.

Only the local Lib Dems along with local campaigner Paul Kohler are taking real practical action to save our police station. At the local elections on 3rd May please back our campaign by voting for your local Lib Dem team to ensure we will retain a real say on the future of policing in our area.

Police station closures – the facts

The Conservatives seem upset by the news that Paul's court case is progressing - and local Conservative politicians have taken to social media to talk down the work we are doing, and to push their plan to buy the police station building using local taxpayers’ money.

However, it is still not clear how their plan would work, as in recent days local Conservatives appear to have confirmed that they:

  1. Have not asked the Met police if they would sell the police station building to the Council, nor the price they’d be willing to sell it for.
  2. Have not asked the Met police if they would rent back the building from the Council, and again not discussed the price.
  3. Have not discussed - much less agreed - with the Mayor who would pay to have the building staffed and maintained.

In order to cover for the lack of detail in their plan they talk about another Council trying to buy a police station - but there's been nothing heard about this since it was mooted in December.

Their plan therefore is simply a list of uncosted aspirations which, even if feasible, need our legal challenge to succeed to overturn the decision to close the police station. We need to force the Mayor to think again and change his 'one-size-fits-all' strategy of one police station per borough, regardless of the size of the borough or its needs.

In their election leaflets Labour admit that they have done nothing more than write a letter to the Home Secretary. And on social media, one of their Trinity ward candidates shockingly appears to be defending the Mayor's decision to close the police station.

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