Merton Council backs People's Vote on Brexit deal

This week Merton Council backed Liberal Democrat and Labour motions in favour of a People's Vote - a referendum on the final Brexit deal with the option to remain in the EU.
The two motions were passed by Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors, with Conservative and Merton Park Residents Association councillors abstaining both times.
The Liberal Democrat motion also calls on the Council to lobby Wimbledon's Conservative MP to support a People's Vote, to take action to prepare for a no-deal scenario, and to work to support EU nationals. 
Cllr Simon McGrath, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dundonald ward said:
"Two years have passed since the Brexit referendum, and despite claims from leading Brexiteers that a post-Brexit EU free trade deal would be the 'easiest in history', little concrete progress has been made. The prospect of no-deal or a bad-deal is becoming increasingly likely, and the public deserves the right to have the final say on whatever deal Theresa May's government manages to come up with."

"Liberal Democrat campaigners have been campaigning across Merton over the summer, and an overwhelming majority of the residents we've spoken to have expressed their support for a People's Vote. We're delighted that Labour councillors have backed the campaign."

"It's disappointing that Conservative councillors abstained on the motion, but we will continue to put pressure on Wimbledon's MP Stephen Hammond to put his constituents' interests above those of the Conservative party, and to support a People's Vote on the final deal."


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