Open Letter from Cllr Carl Quilliam following the Brexit Vote

Dear friend,

Brexit is a mess. That much is true whether you were one of the 72% in Wimbledon who, like me, voted to remain in the European Union, or whether you voted to leave.

Following Theresa May’s crushing defeat in the vote on her Brexit deal any hope of an orderly Brexit is rapidly disappearing.

The UK has been negotiating for more than two years, and the best deal the government could come up with has been (rightly) thumped in Parliament.

Without this bad deal the only Brexit that remains is the worst case scenario: a chaotic No Deal Brexit. A No Deal Brexit that means food and medicine shortages, higher prices in shops and flights grounded.

As we stare into a Brexit abyss I find myself thinking now, more than ever, “Is this what people asked for?” The answer, I believe, is an emphatic “No!

There is, however, another choice that remains open to us. It is a choice between sailing our ship straight into the iceberg of a No Deal Brexit, or averting course by giving the people the chance to have the final say. There is still time for us to take back control of our country, by demanding a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the EU.

The Conservatives are playing the role of the arrogant Captain who ignores the iceberg warnings, while Labour have already abandoned ship. But there is still one party that is ready and willing to lead from the front, and give ordinary people like you and me the right to have a voice.

The Liberal Democrats are the party that are fighting to give you the power to make the final decision on Brexit, and we need your help. Go to to become a part of our growing team fighting for a People’s Vote today.

Britain needs a fresh start, and so does Wimbledon. With your help, I and the Merton Liberal Democrats can help ensure that we get it.

With best wishes,

Cllr Carl Quilliam

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Wimbledon

PS The coming days will be vital to securing a people's vote and giving us the option for a sensible way forward. You can support our campaigning by donating here and you can volunteer locally by signing up here.

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