NHS in crisis

AF__CQ__SMG_Nelson.jpgConservative cuts leave hospitals full, and patients waiting for treatment.  Patients face cancelled operations and long delays at A&E as the NHS struggles through another winter crisis.

In the last six weeks of 2017, 825 ambulances were forced to wait outside Kingston, St George's, and St Helier & Epsom hospitals for at least 30 minutes - many over an hour. Hospital beds at Kingston and St George's hospitals were nearly full for most of late November and December.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Simon McGrath said:

"Hospital staff are doing an incredible job but they have been let down by a Conservative Government that is not giving the NHS the support it needs.  Only the Lib Dems have a plan to give the NHS and social care the extra cash they desperately need by putting a penny on income tax.

"Local Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for investment in our local health and care services, including much needed investment at St Helier, the return of a 7-day-a-week GP 'walk-in' service in Merton and good quality social care for those who need it."

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