Merton Secondary School Places

A letter from former Merton Liberal Democrat councillor Iain Dysart.

Dear Sir,

I was intrigued and shocked at the latest developments concerning the proposed building of a new secondary school to help meet demand, and how this is being handled.

Not ruling out the closure of Joseph Hood Primary school (and Whatley Avenue Merton Adult Education Centre), having authorised its expansion just a few years ago is perverse and utterly incoherent. To exclude that school's community from prior discussion is shabby, shameful and shambolic: and Labour's public squabbling will not reassure them. Cllr Alambritis maintains that he wishes to consult, but when, and with whom?  His administration has shown contempt for democracy.
Labour must also come clean about where their "preferred site" in South Wimbledon is. Those who currently use or run said site(s) must not be left to hear through the media, yet on present form this is precisely the risk they face.

It is convenient indeed that this should emerge at the start of summer holidays; when the Council presumably hoped the school community would be safely out of the way. Anyone would think they were frightened of debate, other than with each other.

Iain Dysart
Lib Dem Councillor 2010-4

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