Merton Lib Dems 2014 Manifesto - 'Innovation Merton' - Launched

On 8th April 2014, Merton Liberal Democrats launched their local election manifesto 'Innovation Merton' with Liberal Democrat Party President Tim Farron MP.

Speaking at the launch, Farron said: "There's been a great reception from people tonight and lots of positive feedback. Locals really know that the Lib Dem team works hard to support them all year round. There's some fantastic liberal ideas in Innovation Merton - on building stronger communities, supporting the most vulnerable and thinking and planning ahead - like campaigning to get a lift installed at Raynes Park Station, which we were speaking to hundreds of people about tonight."

Manifesto co-ordinator Diana Coman said: "The next four years will require tough decisions to be made.

"There is a clear choice for Merton, between a Labour party that has not looked after our community assets - presiding over the sale of schools and then finding that we don’t have enough places for children, the Conservatives, who admit they have absolutely no idea how to pay for the promises they make - and the Liberal Democrats, who are offering a real alternative: a commitment to the local economy, to putting the environment at the heart of the council, and to making well-being a priority."

Innovation Merton outlines how a vote for the local Lib Dem team will:

  1. Keep streets cleaner and safer for all
  2. Build a stronger community
  3. Prepare for our future, by thinking and planning ahead
  4. Protect our heritage and the outdoors
  5. Support the creative economy locally
  6. Open the doors of the town hall

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