Merton Liberal Democrats AGM 2020


Merton Liberal Democrats

Date: Wednesday 25 November, 2020 at 19.15

Venue: To be held via Zoom (invitation link sent via email)



  1. Opening remarks and apologies received

  2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting held on 28 November 2019

  3. Any questions on Reports from

3.1 Chair – Somayeh Ahgnia

3.2 Campaigns Coordinator – Tamara Kohler

3.3 Treasurer - Phil Ling

3.4  Membership Development Officer – John Braithwaite

3.5  Diversity Officer - Somayeh Ahgnia

3.6  Data Officer – Richard Poole

3.7  Fundraising Officer – Jil Hall

3.8  Liberal Democrat councillors on Merton Council (Cllr Anthony Fairclough)

3.9  Feedback from anyone attending conference

4. Motions to Annual General Meeting (none submitted)

5. Election of Honorary President (see note 1)

6. Annual accounts (see note 2)

7. Election of Officers, Executive Committee Members

7.1 Chair

7.2 Vice-Chair

7.3 Secretary

7.4 Treasurer

7.5 Membership Development Officer

7.6 Data Officer

7.7 Diversity Officer

7.8 Campaigns co-ordinator(s)

7.9 Ordinary Executive Committee Members (up to 10)

Contact Merton Lib Dems (on [email protected]) to find out more or to get a nomination form to stand for election.

Information on each role can be found here.

8. Daisy Cooper MP for St. Albans, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

9. Paul Kohler, Wimbledon Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, Councillor for Trinity Ward, 2019 GE Remain Alliance GE Candidate (with Merton Greens)

10. Tamara Kohler, Campaigns Co-ordinator

11. Closing remarks from Chair of Merton Liberal Democrats


Note 1 Section 5.2 of the Local Party Constitution allows for the election of an Honorary President.
Note 2 – The 2019 Accounts for the Local Party were approved by the Executive Committee (section 10.4 of Local Party Constitution) of the Local Party and sent to the Chief Executive at Party HQ. Therefore the accounts have been approved and only need to be noted.