London Lib Dems to oppose curbs on Uber after intervention from Merton Lib Dems

London Lib Dems will now oppose some of the TfL proposals to restrict operators of online private hire vehicles, like Uber, after local Lib Dems intervened.

New Lib Dem member Dan Carr proposed a motion at the Party’s regional Conference on Saturday which says that Lib Dems should oppose the three most controversial changes which TLF wants to bring in:

  • A mandatory 5 minute wait between booking and commencing a private hire or ride-sharing journey.
  • A ban on Apps which shows nearby cars location
  • A ban on drivers working for more than one firm

Dan said: We believe that passenger safety and choice are the basis on which we should judge any proposals for regulation.  In Merton we have few black cab ranks and the growth of services like Uber will increase choice.

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