Train company must push for step-free improvement

Residents and local campaigners have been shocked to discover that South West Trains is not pushing to make local train stations more accessible. The campaign continues: collecting petition signatures and talking to residents outside Raynes Park Station on 28 June 2015.

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Vision, not closure is what adult education needs

An open letter from Wimbledon's Parliamentary campaigner, Shas Sheehan.

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Merton's Independent Living Fund

In February, local Lib Dems sought to protect funding for the care packages of those with the highest support needs in the borough.

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Update on the Raynesfield Estate

West Barnes Lib Dem councillor, Mary-Jane Jeanes, gives an update on what's going on at Raynesfield, the flats on Grand Drive, which have recently been in the media, as London Mayor Boris Johnson was forced to back down on evicting the residents.

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Safer & cleaner streets - what we would do about it

Here’s our 5-point action plan to "Reclaim Our Roads".

There are a few simple actions that Shas Sheehan and local Lib Dems are calling for that would make a big difference.

1. Get serious about street cleaning
Merton Council should reintroduce street cleaning straight after refuse and recycling collections, and monitor the quality of the work.

2. Publicise the schedule of inspection and maintenance of gullies and drains
Information is key. Allowing residents to know when their road is up for inspection allows them to hold the council to account when their actions are unacceptable.

3. A joint working group set up to include Merton Council, Thames Water and the Environment Agency
This agency would look holistically at the cause and effect of poor drainage and vibrating roads, allowing for problems to be resolved before they become a thorny issue for residents.
At the moment residents are sent from pillar to post trying to find out which agency is responsible for problems in their road. This step would greatly decrease the amount of bureaucracy involved in finding out who is responsible.

4. Implement 20mph default speed limit on most roads, without roads humps
This would make roads safer, reduce air and noise pollution and mitigate vibration.

5. Enforce heavy lorry weight restrictions
This would further reduce vibrations and prevent damage to buildings in the immediate vicinity

Reclaim Our Roads - breaking the chain of cause and effect

Stop Raynesfield Evictions

Mary-Jane Jeanes, the Liberal Democrat councillor for West Barnes, has strongly backed calls to stop the eviction of tenants from Raynesfield in Raynes Park.

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We don't need no (adult) education?

Threats to Merton Adult Education (MAE) have drawn strong opposition from local Liberal Democrats.

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Freedom Pass Furore

Merton Liberal Democrats are disappointed at councillors' refusal to reinstate Freedom Passes for those with mental health conditions.

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Get serious on street cleaning

Merton's Labour, Conservative and Residents Association Councillors failed to support a Liberal Democrat call for action on street cleaning, at Merton Council's full meeting on 9 July 2014.

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