Lack of action to help renters

Liberal Democrat Councillors have condemned Labour and Conservative councillors for blocking an inquiry into how the Council could help renters in the borough.

Councillor Anthony Fairclough, Leader of the Lib Dem group on Merton Council said:

"There are around 20,000 privately rented homes in Merton and while most landlords are fine, some are not.

"We pushed for a thorough investigation into the issues faced by private renters in the area, by the Council's 'Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel' - a cross-party group of councillors who examine issues, such as housing.

"Labour councillors on the Panel said that there was nothing that the Council could do to support renters - and felt that an investigation would just get people's hopes up that action would be taken. Conservative councillors on the Panel were not willing to take up the issue either.

"We feel that the Council adminstration's record on housing and supporting renters is a poor one - this is why we wanted a cross-party investigation to suggest some real action that could enable the Council to move forward".



The Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel met on 21 June to decide the list of topics it would cover during the next year.

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