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Baroness Sal BrintonA message from Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat party president

Yesterday it felt as if the politics of division and isolation trumped openness and cooperation. The very essence of our country is under threat.

While we recognise that the British people have spoken, as Lib Dems we do not recognise the values held by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as being the values that truly define Britain.

Around the country, Liberal Democrats will continue to be the loudest and clearest voices in support of a diverse and open-hearted Britain....

Today it’s more important than ever that we don’t let that spirit fade. Right now there are 16 million people in all corners of the land who are wondering where they can turn to find a movement that represents them. Over the weekend as they digest what has happened, many will be looking for a way to fight back.

We are the only party who can lead the 48% of the electorate who share our values .... We need to harness the anger out there and turn it into a positive movement that will stand up and fight for the Britain we believe in. We need them to become Liberal Democrats.

Starting right now we’re asking people across Britain to sign up to say that they are proud to be part of the 48% - and to join the Liberal Democrats.

Will you join us?

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