Crossrail 2 - new options, and a delay

Crossrail 2 is a plan for a new railway connecting Southwest and Northeast London, via Wimbledon. It will involve years of building work through large parts of the borough.  

Following residents’ opposition, Transport for London has said it’s considering three other options to reduce disruption in the area (see below). Their revised plans were originally going to be published later this year, but it's been announced today, 1 November, that this will be put back until mid-2017, to allow TfL to provide an updated business case.

The three other options being looked at -

As well as the previously announced plans, new ideas being looked at by TfL are:

  1. A deep tunnel taking Crossrail 2 under Wimbledon town centre, coming out further down the line.
  2. A tunnel for the fast trains that currently don’t stop at Wimbledon – freeing up platforms for Crossrail 2.
  3. Moving the District Line towards Alexandra Road.

Broadly, we favour the ‘deep tunnel’ option – subject to seeing detailed plans. We also want Merton to set out clear plan for the new developments which will follow the building of Crossrail 2.

To read our views on the original Crossrail 2 plan, please click here.

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