Response to latest Crossrail 2 consultation

Crossrail 2 is a proposed major rail scheme connecting Southwest and Northeast London via Wimbledon, Clapham Junction, Tottenham Court Road and Euston.

This article contains the link to the full consultation response from Merton Lib Dems, as well as a summary.

It is a number of years away and is currently in an early consultation phase. The scheme is being developed by Transport for London and Network Rail.  

The scheme would have major impacts on the transport service and, as a result of the construction and redevelopment, the future form of both Raynes Park and Wimbledon. For example, Raynes Park station would need to be expanded and replaced, while the proposed new Crossrail 2 station in Wimbledon would be on the site of the current Centre Court shopping centre.

The current consultation ends on 8 January. You can find the formal response from Merton Liberal Democrats here.

In Summary:

  • This is a major, long-lasting and enormously expensive scheme and it should only be delivered in a way that responds to the community's needs and concerns - the focus shouldn't just be minimising costs. The proponents of CR2 need to make comprehensive efforts to address the considered comments of local residents and businesses for improvements to the scheme and to address their reasonable concerns.
  • Wimbledon town centre is the current social heart and a major shopping and leisure location for our community. The proposed works cannot only be considered in technical or engineering terms, but must also fully consider the social and economic impacts.
  • An alternative deep tunnel under Wimbledon that would avoid the widespread demolition of the town centre currently proposed. This is our preferred alternative to the shallow tunnel, all else being equal, and we need to understand exactly what is currently preventing it from being proposed and how these issues could be dealt with.
  • The new Wimbledon station should be subject to an architectural competition.
  • Merton Council needs strong, clear and appropriate planning policies and vision in place to guide and manage the significant development that is going to follow this major scheme. Issues that need to be considered include: the impacts of Crossrail 2, height and density of new buildings, the balance between commercial and residential, open space, affordable housing and support for smaller businesses. Current worrying trends in town centres look to create sterile and private spaces, such as are seen at Westfield Stratford, which preclude independent small businesses and focus on premium retail offers.
  • Existing stations must not be left in a state of disrepair - as this scheme will take years to complete. We need details of how station maintenance will be in the interim period prior to approval of the scheme. Specific concerns include installing a lift/step free access at Raynes Park and Motspur Park stations, as well as congestion management at Wimbledon station.
  • We need specific assurances about the impact of more trains on the two level crossings in West Barnes ward - in Motspur Park by the shopping parade and library, and at the junction of West Barnes Lane and Burlington Road.  Any further road closures by these level crossing will be severely disruptive to local people and the plans for Crossrail 2 need to include a solution which replaces the level crossings.
  • Raynes Park station will become a major interchange and pick up/ drop off hub. The current station is in a poor state and, in particular, passenger pick up conditions are below standard for such a busy location. As part of a proposed rebuild of Raynes Park station, we call for a thorough redesign of access to the station access, drop off, as well as cycle access and parking to be developed, consulted upon and published. The station should be enabled to be become the proud heart of the community.

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