Our clean air plan

The Liberal Democrats have a plan to clean our air and make our streets safer for our young people.

Merton Council recently consulted on their plans to introduce emissions based parking charges. We would support proposals that encouraged residents to use greener transport options where possible. However, we do not believe that the current proposals from the Council will be effective in doing this.

Instead, the Council’s proposals seem designed to raise revenue and, following on from the changes in 2019/2020, the proposed system still penalises the parts of the borough that don’t vote for Labour councillors. 

While the Tories want no action and Labour’s plans will not solve the problem, the Liberal Democrats offer an alternative which will encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport where possible, while recognising that many people rely on cars for various reasons.

Liberal Democrats want to see the Council supporting residents in moving to less polluting vehicles where possible, alongside improved cycle lanes and bike parking, better public transport, and more electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Find out more about our response to the Council’s consultation here.

Hiking parking charges isn’t fair, liberal, or progressive. But neither is doing nothing.

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