A fresh start for Merton - our 2018 candidates

Merton Liberal Democrats have backed 60 candidates to bring a fresh start to our area. This is the most candidates the party has ever fielded.

You will get 3 votes on Thursday 3rd May and each ward elects 3 councillors. To find out which ward you live in, see here.

Liberal Democrat-backed candidates are as follows:


  • Matthew Payne
  • Barry Smith
  • Panos Topalis

Email: abbey@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Cannon Hill

  • Geoff Cooper
  • Klaar Dresselaers
  • Cosette Malik

Email: mp_ch@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Colliers Wood

  • Brigid Finlayson
  • Shipra Gupta
  • Emily Robertson

Email: cw@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Cricket Green

  • Guilliana Castle
  • Claire Bolt
  • Vincent Bolt

Email: cricketgreen@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Anthony Fairclough
  • Simon McGrath
  • John Tippett-Cooper

Email: dundonald@mertonlibdems.org.uk
Web: dundonaldlibdems.focusteam.org.uk
Twitter: @dundonaldlibdem

Figges Marsh

  • David Busby-Cartwright-Owen
  • Giorgia Gamba
  • Eliane Patton

Email: fm@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Quresh Mukadam
  • Luke Taylor
  • Sarah Weber

Email: graveney@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Samantha MacArthur
  • Nicholas Sanders
  • Richard Williams

Email: FocusTeam@mertonlibdems.org.uk 

Lavender Fields

  • Mary-Jane Jeanes
  • Christopher Oxford
  • Elizabeth Barker

Email: lf@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Kaweh Beheshtizadeh
  • Ben Fletcher
  • Hamish Norbrook

Email: longthornton@mertonlibdems.org.uk
Twitter: @LibDems4Longth1

Lower Morden

  • Asif Ashraf
  • Anne Blanchard
  • Gabriel Luck

Email: lm@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Merton Park

  • John Braithwaite
  • Stephen Harbron
  • Philip Ling

Email: mp_ch@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Pollards Hill

  • Duncan Burch
  • Emma Maddison
  • Anthony Reiss

Email: ph@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Somayeh Aghnia
  • Amanda Harvey
  • Richard Shillito

Email: somayeh@mertonlibdems.org.uk

Raynes Park

  • Martin Lewis
  • David Tourle
  • Vivian Vella

Email: rp@mertonlibdems.org.uk

St Helier

  • Nicholas Harris
  • Matthew Lowing
  • Simon Parritt

Email: sh@mertonlibdems.org.uk


  • Richard Hackforth-Jones
  • Paul Kohler
  • Tamara Kohler

Email: trinity@mertonlibdems.org.uk
Web: trinitylibdems.org.uk
Twitter: @trinity_lib_dem


  • Dan Bradman
  • Susan Bucknall
  • Hugo Forshaw

Email: hugo@mertonlibdems.org.uk

West Barnes

  • Eloise Bailey
  • Hina Bokhari
  • Carl Quilliam

Email: wb@mertonlibdems.org.uk
Twitter: @westbarnesld

Wimbledon Park

  • Robin Goodchild
  • JB Tanqueray
  • Victoria Watt

Email: wp@mertonlibdems.org.uk

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