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Lib Dems call for 'Schools bonus'

Government cuts have taken their toll on the money local schools have to repair and decorate their classrooms and buildings. Local Lib Dems have proposed a new "schools bonus", requiring developers to pay an amount into a special fund when they get planning permission. This can then be used by sc...

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‘One size fits all’ is not good enough on policing

Yesterday, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced dramatic and damaging changes to local policing for Merton and London. The changes would replace the Met’s current 32 borough model, by merging local policing across boroughs.As part of the changes, Merton police will come together with Wandswor...

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Shock flytipping figures & action on weekly waste collections

1. Everyone knows that Merton Council is failing to keep the streets clean. Since last April, a new company - Veolia - has been responsible for cleaning our streets and collecting our rubbish. Recent figures obtained by the local Lib Dems have revealed a shocking complacency. 4,792 instances of ...

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