Evening Standard covers police station closure court case

Did you see the Evening Standard's take on Paul Kohler’s court case to stop the Mayor closing over half of London’s police stations? The legal action has ensured that no police stations will be sold before the case is resolved. Paul has done a great job, with the help of many people from across...

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A fresh start for Merton - 2018 local election manifesto

We want a Council that acts in the interests of all residents in the decisions it takes. We want an honest and open conversation with people about what’s going on locally. We're calling for a fresh start for Merton on health, housing, our environment - and more. The Lib Dem team will stand up for...

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A fresh start for Merton - our 2018 candidates

Merton Liberal Democrats have backed 60 candidates to bring a fresh start to our area. This is the most candidates the party has ever fielded. You will get 3 votes on Thursday 3rd May and each ward elects 3 councillors. To find out which ward you live in, see here. Liberal Democrat-backed candida...

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